Conqueror is the leading PIR panel manufacturer in New Zealand. When you’re looking for top quality insulation panels, talk to us first. We ship our panel products nationwide and we can help you with the most demanding insulation requirements.


PIRfect Panels

At the core of all Conqueror Panel Products is an insulation foam called PIR. So what is PIR? PIR (polyisocyanurate) is an insulation foam widely regarded as being the very best available.

If you’re looking for top quality panels in New Zealand, PIR is the high-performance insulation option you need. PIRfect outperforms similar products in all aspects, including environmental impact, thermal conductivity, cost effectiveness, durability, and ease of use. PIR’s outstanding insulation values come from its low density, closed cell structure. PIRfect insulation products are manufactured without the use of ozone-depleting gases.

PIRfect is based on an advanced layering system, including aluminium and glass fabric skins for a great look. We design and manufacture PIR as a superior choice for our clients. Our panels are famous for their excellent insulation capacity and durability. They are a long-life, low maintenance choice for any kind of insulation role.

PIRfect Applications

PIRfect covers a versatile range of applications. It is used for cool stores, property insulation, roof insulation, and wall insulation. The PIRfect range is used for both residential and commercial premises.

The advanced range of PIRfect products is also well suited for specification purposes, offering accurate metrics for design, compliance and building purposes. If you are considering Insulated Panel Construction, PIRfect will give you the best thermal insulation and fire ratings available.

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The thing that defines Conqueror is it’s constant search for better products and better ways to make them. In it’s very short lifetime, Conqueror has already upgraded it’s manufacturing plant not because it was worn out or not working simply because something better came along.

That’s what makes Conqueror special, it’s not a company that uses cost cutting to get the cheapest products onto the market. Conqueror’s achieves it great pricing structure by investing in the right people and the very best equipment to maximise production efficiency.

This approach results in the manufacturing precision Conquerors demands to meet the exacting standards it sets for itself so it can deliver its customers the very best products.