Experts in Insulated Panels

In October 2012, Conqueror Ltd, a privately owned NZ company – officially opened what has been dubbed a “super factory” to cater for the manufacturing of thermally efficient and environmentally friendly PIRfect insulated panels for use in the construction industry.

Why PIRfect? The owner of Conqueror could see a rapidly increasing global demand for insulated building products and more energy efficient building capsules. After studying the local and international markets to see what was on offer, the Conqueror team concluded that PIRfect was the best product for the job.

It didn’t take much research to conclude that PIRfect was the best performing product and the best option for New Zealand’s conditions. At the time, nobody manufactured PIR products in New Zealand, so Conqueror was formed and within 12 months the construction industry finally had a source for New Zealand made PIR insulated products.

The market quickly caught on and within a very short time, some of New Zealand’s leading architects, specifiers and construction companies were insisting on Conqueror PIRfect. To meet demand, Conqueror’s purpose built manufacturing plant was expanded from 7,500sqm to nearly 10,000sqm.

Our current range of PIRfect products include:

  • Insulated panels
  • Insulation boards
  • Insulated wall panels
  • Insulated roof panels
  • Insulated ceiling panels
  • Cool store panels
  • Sandwich panels

What Defines Us

The thing that defines Conqueror is its constant search for better products and better ways to make them. In its very short lifetime, Conqueror has already upgraded its manufacturing plant. This is not because it was worn out or not working but simply because something better came along.

That’s what makes Conqueror special. It’s not a company that uses cost cutting to get the cheapest products onto the market. We achieve a great pricing structure by investing in the right people and the very best equipment to maximise production efficiency. This approach results in the manufacturing precision that we demand to deliver the very best products to customers.

Need Some Expert Help with Your Insulation?

Conqueror also provides technical advisory services to help our clients in product selection. If you’d like to ask us about insulation issues, managing onsite needs, or for help with engineering needs, just give us a call.